Sunday, 12 June 2016

THE LADY (Cont’d)


Hope you all had and amazing week? I did too but it got really crazy by the weekend. You know, being that I work in a corporate organisation during the week and then I have clients to meet during the weekend. I didn’t paint any wall this week, only had meetings to attend and sites to visit and then fix dates to execute the jobs. By the way, I am in my transition period! Yaaay! From the corporate babe to a full time painter. So for those of you that I have not been available to paint for or those that would love me paint for them, pretty soon I will be 6days-in-a-week available to paint your home/office space. So, back to my journey…

Immediately after university graduation, I and some girlfriends were not sure when we’d be going for NYSC. Some of us enrolled for some safety courses. I didn’t know what I was going to do so I didn’t enroll for any class lol. The thought of going back to a class to read just wasn’t going to work for me. Like I’m thinking, the one wey I just read finish make I use am get work first na before I go read another one abeg.

During this period, I had a lecturer in university that had interest in me and 3 other course mates. He called us together and asked us to each think of a business idea and that he was going to invest in it and support us. I was excited about the idea and I started thinking about what business to do. I had no one to ask questions to guide me in making a business decision, back in university we were not taught about the real business or even how to write a business plan so I was on my own, what we were taught most of the time was dy/dx, the math, statistic and economics experts in the house would relate with what I am saying (LOL!). Anyways, I could be meticulous all the time and I know I love clean environment, so after much thinking I knew the business I wanted to do. I wanted to go into the cleaning business.

I immediately came up with a name for the business, I started writing the business plan myself, I bounced off so many ideas for the business with my friend. I was so excited about it but a huge part of me was scared of starting the business. And then while this was going on I got news that NYSC list was out. I was so excited about leaving Port Harcourt and going for NYSC but surprisingly I didn’t abandon the business idea. In fact during NYSC I kept writing down any idea that came to my mind. Thank God I never lost that diary, I still have it even though I don’t know when I would use it.

I was posted to Lagos for NYSC *winks*. In the orientation camp, I and my friends were hustling for connect to get posted for our primary assignment in a big company or a bank. I had a connect that almost clicked lol, I was hoping to work at GTBank. But somehow I didn’t get it, but my friend did and I was happy for her. I mean back then we “thought” that serving in a bank was a big deal let alone serving in GTBank, now that was dope!

Well, I and another friend of mine were posted to some place like that for our NYSC primary assignment. I can’t remember the name of the company or what they do but it was located in Ikeja. We were not happy at all, we both wanted to work on the Island na! When we got to our primary place of assignment we begged them to reject us to so we can go serve somewhere close to where we lived (that was the excuse we gave back then). Luckily for us they granted us a rejection letter. While I was busy asking for a rejection letter I had no idea where I was going to work but my friend had her own plans, I just knew I wanted a rejection letter lol.

After I got the letter, I called everyone I knew asking them for jobs. I cried most of the night, for 3 weeks I didn’t have a job. Meanwhile my friend got a job at Airtel Nigeria. Then somehow, through another friend from university, I got a job in a Mortgage Bank, Resort Savings and loans Plc…on the Island!


  1. More more more! Lol. Now you're in the transition period, how do you feel? Is it daunting? Are you scared of the unknown? What would you say to others thinking about making that step? Totally inspired by what you're doing Lady Painter. God speed

    1. I will be sincere, I am scared but at the same time I know i am strong enough to get through whatever comes my way lol. I would say to others, 'keep your head high and your feet on the ground...and pray.

  2. Lol @ " let alone serving in GTBank, now that was dope!" Interesting read! Serving or working in the bank 'back in the days' seemed like a big dea, I can relate. Don't we all know better now!