Monday 3 October 2016

'Grab a Brush, Colour a Life' - More pictures


Yesterday I said official pictures were here they are, there are also pictures of what Araromi Primary School looked like before it was painted. To all the volunteers and anonymous supporters, I say a big thank you. Enjoy!

Sunday 2 October 2016

Grab A Brush, Colour A Life! A Successful Community Service

Happy Independence Celebration!!

So October 1st 2016, Nigeria's Independence day was all colours of amazing!.
The Lady Painter, her team of professional Painters, friends, family and volunteers all turned up to 'Grab a brush and Colour a life'. It was so much fun and everyone participated in painting the school. Some of the students of Araromi Primary School, Mushin came around and that made it more fun. They used their gifted hands to decorate their wall with paint. I can't say enough how happy I am about the success of this community service, Araromi Primary School is lit! I believe with the 'Grab A Brush, Colour A Life' initiative we can build a solid foundation for the next generation using paint.

Shout out to World Travel Shop for their support, Victor Mba, Mr Charles Dallas of InspirationFM 923, Chinwendu Uju, Ijeoma Onyegbula (for repping The Lady Painter all the way in Abuja FCT), Ugochukwu Obiesie, Amaka Uju, Ama Uju, Michael Nwabufo, Joy Onyekwelu, Blaise Eze, Leke Ojeshina, Ubong Nkata, Ogbonna Obi, Nkechi Uju, Eniga Ehiante, Chika Uju, Aham Uju, Chidinma Uju, Adanne Anene, Marion Onyeagba, Coker Oluwafemi, Tunji (Lawyartist), Chima Ogueri, Martin Avwenagha, Johnson Ohakawa, Mr Soga Olalekan, Sira Lewis, Itunu Taiwo, AMSS Alumni, and all those who supported with prayers and contributed anonymously, may God bless you all richly and may your lives be colourful as long as you live, Amen!  See some pictures below, official pictures loading...

Sunday 28 August 2016

Grab a Brush, Colour a Life!


Happy Sunday to you and yes I have missed blogging!

I apologize for not updating you on all that I have been up to. A lot has been going on though and now I am planning the most innovative and impacting community service in Lagos, Nigeria.

'Grab a Brush, Colour a Life' is a community service initiative by The Lady Painter. I have always hated to see the obvious contrast between our public and private schools in Nigeria, and I have decided to make it my business to change that norm.
They are all children, they are the leaders of tomorrow, they all deserve to have the same learning experience (as much as I can help) in their schools. I am so excited about this initiative and looking forward to the maiden event and also spreading it to other communities in Nigeria.
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Sunday 10 July 2016

Weekly Activity Pictures

Hello there!

This past week was a busy one....had meetings to attend and three paint jobs to do, but I was able to get all that I planned done. Now I am drawing up plans for this new week, I hope you have your own plans too. Planning your day, your week, your month keeps you in track. We all know the saying that goes, "when you fail to plan you plan to fail". I don't plan to fail so I will get my pen and paper right now and write down all I need to get done this week, people I need to call and strike them off when each task has been done. Trust me it's a good feeling striking them out, it makes you feel like you don't have much else to do (laughs), but that's not true cause there is always something else to do! I am a traditional person, so most times I like to write things down, but the disadvantage of writing them down in paper is that the paper can't prompt you when you need to get those tasks done. Thank God for apps that can remind you of your tasks and I use them too e.g Any.Do, Google Calendar etc. If you don't have any of them installed on your device please do so today and use it!
Continue after the link for pictures of paint jobs I executed this past week.

Sunday 3 July 2016


Hello there!

My week was awesome! Everything turned out well like I hoped it would. I have left the banking industry for good, I am now a full-time Painter (excited). On the day I left the Bank I got a lot of prayers, well wishes and a lot of people saying that I was an inspiration to them. It was so emotional that I found myself crying while reading some of the mails. I thank God that I am now on a new path to fulfilling purpose in my life, and I pray that as I have found mine, God will do the same for the rest of us who are still trying to discover why we are here on earth.

Since I left on Wednesday the 29th, I have not rested, mehn! This is the real world now, I have to go out one day in a week to visit at least 5 different homes that need makeover and I have to get the jobs executed within the same week. I actually thought that I would get to rest during the weekend, hehehehehe, when you’re in your start-up days as an entrepreneur and you depend on your business for income I think you have to work 24/7. I am not complaining, I actually do love it.

During the week I also had an exclusive interview with La Mode Magazine, I think you should read it, you’ll be inspired (Click Here to read the interview) and I was able to execute 2 paint jobs. See some pictures of the jobs after the cut, I have a video of me mixing my colors, I will upload it once I figure out how to reduce the size. Enjoy the pictures for now!

Sunday 26 June 2016

THE LADY (Cont'd)

Hello there!

I am so happy that this past week was awesome for me. I am featured in today’s edition of The Sunday Punch newspaper, Pg 33 (please buy your copy of the paper today to read my interview with The Punch newspaper. I was also featured on For Creative Girls (please visit their website to read my interview with them). For Creative girls is a platform that champions women engaged in creative work (Design, Arts, Writing, Painting, Cooking etc), showcasing them and inspiring upcoming women creatives to put their work out. I am grateful to God for these opportunities that I am given to reach out to people and inspire other women and one of the ways also through which I am able to do this is by telling the story of how I got here. This week is going to be an emotional week for me, my last 3-days in the corporate world Banking industry (my painting business will serve both corporate organisations and individuals). It is also going to be a busy week because I have a lot of painting jobs to execute immediately as I leave the Banking industry, so no break for me. I will upload pictures of the jobs as I do them so please do stop by.
The story on ‘The Journey to discovering me’ continues after the cut (if you haven’t been following my story, you can always read it Here, Here and Here).

Sunday 19 June 2016

THE LADY (Cont'd)


It’s a new week, I want to believe we are ready to take on this week with a positive mind-set and work to achieve what we couldn’t achieve last week. I was able to get a lot done this past week, mostly meetings, working on content for ‘The Lady Painter’ website (I am so excited about this), shopping for new painting tools and spent some time with family. Anyways, ‘The journey to discovering me’ continues…

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Weekly Activity Pictures

I promised that I would put up pictures of painting jobs that I have done. Unfortunately, I have also not been able to make a proper video of me working so I can take you through the painting job from start to finish , soon I would do that during one of my jobs. In the mean time, enjoy pictures of a boutique I painted recently. Remember, the 'Journey to discovering me' continues on Sunday. See you then!
Click below for more pictures.

Sunday 12 June 2016

THE LADY (Cont’d)


Hope you all had and amazing week? I did too but it got really crazy by the weekend. You know, being that I work in a corporate organisation during the week and then I have clients to meet during the weekend. I didn’t paint any wall this week, only had meetings to attend and sites to visit and then fix dates to execute the jobs. By the way, I am in my transition period! Yaaay! From the corporate babe to a full time painter. So for those of you that I have not been available to paint for or those that would love me paint for them, pretty soon I will be 6days-in-a-week available to paint your home/office space. So, back to my journey…

Monday 6 June 2016


Hello People!

I must confess that I have been looking forward to putting up the first post on the journey to discovering me. So I am typing this and thinking how do I start and then this thought came to me…why not start with talking about “The Lady”. You know before ‘The Lady Painter’, I am firstly a Lady - *winks*.